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Printers in Edinburgh

Printers in Edinburgh:

Some things in life are essential, and we don’t realize it, for example, we use printers almost every day, or go to printing companies without realizing how crucial they are for business.

When you have a business of your own, you put a lot of effort into it, because it involves hours and hours of work to offer your customers the best results. That is why it’s a bit unfair for you and your effort to not hire the best services for the things you need. Let’s say you prefer printing your paperwork by yourself because it is easier and cheaper. But that won’t bring the best results, and even though it may work for a moment, your costumers won’t take you seriously if they see something that looks too “homemade.”

Remember that everything you do for your business must meet the highest expectations, as people will see any lack of quality as a weakness, customers will trust you if everything surrounding your business looks great and professionals do it.

When it comes to printing, many business owners think it is an easy subject, and that quality is not a big deal, but hiring a good printer can make wonders to your business, even more than you thought.

A printing company, or a printer, will guarantee you all the paperwork to keep things running smoothly and will offer you the best quality. Hence, all their products look good and make your business look professional. Printers can do a whole lot of things, from order forms, receipts, brochures, advertising tools, letterheads, and so on, they offer you a catalogue of products that will work for events, sales, promotions, and almost anything you need in your business.

Some printers can also offer a graphic design service, which makes things so much easier for many business owners, as they don’t have to hire a particular graphic designer (which saves money and time.) Printers that count with a graphic design team can offer you layouts, flyers, logos, and brand development. They can guide you to choose a design that matches you and your business. You can do almost anything you need by just contacting one service provider.

Some other printers go a bit outside the box and offer you more “unconventional” things that also work great for businesses. Such as custom printed drinkware, t-shirts, and promotional items, so there is a vast catalogue where you can search and find exactly what you need.

As you can see, printers offer you a vast quantity of services that can work great for your business. When you leave something so important such as promotional items or your advertising tools in the hands of experts, you ensure a high-quality product that will be attractive to your customers. Even when some people think they can do all these things by themselves with a house printer, the result won’t ever be the same. Printers are essential service providers that help a lot on business, that is why it is so important to always work with the professional.

If this is the first time you will be contacting a printer, or if you are looking for a new one, we made a list of some of the things you may look for when working with one:

Quality results: When you are paying for a service, it is your right to demand the best quality possible, especially when those services will end up affecting your business. If there is an issue, a blurry picture, or uneven cut, your customer will spot that and get a bad image from you (yes, even when that is not entirely your fault.) You have to make sure you are choosing a high-quality printer that will give you the best finished products.

Another thing to look for regarding the quality is that you should never sacrifice it for a low price. A responsible printing company will be able to negotiate the prices or make some adjustments according to your budget. Still, they will never sacrifice the quality just to give you a lower price.

Consistency is another point when we talk about quality; all of the products that are delivered to you must be identical, from the first to the last one, there should not be any difference in colours, printing or cuts.


References: It is not a good idea to put your business’s advertising on the hands of the first printing company you see out there, so you have to do a bit of research before choosing one. The best thing you can do is ask other business owners or competitors which printer they used. Or, if you prefer, you can ask on different printers for references, and a responsible printing company will be able to provide you with recommendations so you can ask and see if that company will work for you.


Samples:  Another thing that any trustworthy printer will offer you is samples, as those are a way to see and feel how their products end up being. That way, you can test and spot any quality problems or if the materials, colours, and designs are suitable. If a printer can’t provide you with a sample of any work they have done before, consider it a red flag.


Professional assistance: Now, let’s talk about customer service; when you want to hire a printing service, you have to make sure they listen to your ideas and guide you towards the best options possible. A good printer must offer you different options and price points, so you can choose which one fits your budget and works best for you. This also applies if they have the graphic design service, as they must work with your ideas but also put their personal touch and guide you when is needed.


Affordability: Price is a sensitive subject, so the best thing you can do about that is to establish a budget that works for you but is flexible enough to adapt to the regular printing prices. Neither too expensive or too cheap is a good idea, so you must ask and ask on different printers to see what are the standard costs. Remember that you pay for quality and that is not negotiable, even though a printer may offer you different price points, it is never a good idea to lower the quality to meet a lower price.


Numerous options: To provide you with the best ending results, a good printer must have innumerable options regarding printing, inks, designs, paper, and so on. Each product has standard material and has different printing methods, so don’t trust any printing service that can’t offer you variety.

Now that you know the basic things you have to look for when working with printers, you also may want to know which are the printers that work surrounding your area. We gathered a list of printers in Edinburgh, so you can choose the one that looks best for you and your business:

Edinburgh Banner: Edinburgh banner is located in Unit 69, Peffer Place Edinburgh EH16 4BB, and have a vast quantity of product to offer. The most convenient service they provide is their same-day printing, which can be used for all of the products they offer, as well as you can hire their same-day delivery service.


Edinburgh printing: located in 83 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 2ER New Town, they offer complete print solutions/design Services, photocopying, digital printing, litho printing, print finishing/binding, stationery, leaflets, brochures, and large format.


Hobs Repro: located in 234-240 Morrison Street, Edinburgh EH3 8EA, they are a company with more than 50 years of experience supplying printing to all users with the very last word in quality assurance, ingenuity, speed of production and knowledge of local logistics.


Crescent print Edinburgh LTD: They specialize in all the stages of the design and print process, as well as same-day printing. They count with more than 15 years of experience and are located in 301-303 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1NA.


The Edinburgh Copyshop: They offer a fast-turnaround at high quantities, from photocopying to design and large format printing. They have been on the business since 1999, and you can find them at 52 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SX.


Prontaprit: located in 15A Howe Street Edinburgh EH3 6TE, Prontaprint has been working on Edinburgh for more than 40 years. They offer complete assistance during the whole process of designing and printing, and they also idealize a plan and a budget wholly customized to you and your business needs.


Arkay Imaging: This is a family run business located in 228 – 230 Leith Walk Edinburgh EH6 5EQ,  which provides clients with a helpful and efficient service. They specialize in personal stationery, business stationery, forms, invitations, leaflets, large format posters, canvas prints, t-shirts, mugs, photocopying, and faxing.


Greenprint: located in 49-53 ST Leonards StreetEdinburgh EH8 9QN, Greenprint offers full colour or spot colour printing with one of the best prices of the area.


Print Pixels Ltd: they offer printing service for all kinds of products like banners, flyers, t-shirts, stickers, A4/A5 menus, posters, and thesis. They are located in 49-51 St Leonards Street, Edinburgh, EH89QN.


Copy made printers: they offer 24/7 printing services in 3 West Maitland Street, Edinburgh EH12 5DS, for all kinds of printing requirements, especially banners, leaflets, stationery, folders, booklets, brochures, roller banners, and t-shirts.


Nettl of Edinburgh: if a marketing company that offers services for printing, websites, signs, exhibition displays, and meeting spaces. You can find them at 26-28 Home Street Edinburgh, EH3 9LZ.


Printsponge: they have over 25 years of experience in the business and offer solutions for almost everything you may need regarding printing, from small digital print, litho printing, even to design business cards or eye-catching logos, they cover it all. You can find them in 109 Brunswick Street, EH7 5HR.


Minuteman press: they offer high-quality products, from promotional products, labels, stickers, tickets, greeting cards, catalogues, journals, menus, and so on. They provide fast and efficient attention at a very competitive price. They ca at 63 Elm Row Leith Walk Edinburgh EH7 4AH.


BARR printers: They offer a high quantity of manufactured printed products, from booklets, brochures, reports, posters, exhibitions, banners, stationery, postcards, flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, folders, calendars, binders, and packaging. They have been working on litho printing, digital printing, and large format printing for more than 40 years. You can find them at 6 Dock Place Edinburgh Midlothian EH6 6LU.


Pace print: they specialize in litho printing; however, they have adopted the new technologies and now offer service for digital printing as well as they have the most advanced equipment to deliver high-quality products in a convenient time. They are located in 19 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9JD.


Allander: they offer a fast turnaround service for all the stages of the designing/printing process. From choosing the right methods, colours, and right paper, they provide excellent customer service based on communication and trust. You can find them at 4 East Telferton Edinburgh EH7 6XD.


Crawford Print & Design: They offer a vast quantity of services from small format to litho printing, designs and artworks, ring binding, thesis printing, calendars, restaurant menus, and even large format printing. They are located in 25 Rodney St, Edinburgh, EH7 4EL.


Digital Typeline Publications: They offer professional digital printing with fast delivery at the most reasonable price possible; their products go from business cards, leaflets, posters, brochures, books, and more. They are located at 2d West Telferton Edinburgh EH7 6UL.


As you can see, there are many reliable printers located in the area of Edinburgh. If you require an excellent printing service, we highly suggest you visit some of the ones we mentioned on this list, so you can find the one that works best for you. Try to follow the tips we discussed before for suitable printers, if they meet all of them, that means that business is trustworthy and you will have the best results for the investment you are making. Remember that high quality is always preferred over a second prize.

Website design

Website Design:

We live in the internet era. Almost everything we do is related to the internet, from shopping to doing bank transactions, paying bills, studying, and working, all of this has to be done through websites, and the design of those websites is the reason why we can use them in a daily basis. Website design is crucial in the modern world, and we are here to explain everything you need to know about it.

Even though it may look like too much, having a website is vital to any small business. As we mentioned before, we live in the internet era, and before doing anything, we use the internet to see if our decisions are well taken. If you want people to know you and your business, having an internet presence is the way to go, even when you use traditional marketing methods, which are fine, you need to be on the internet because it will make things run a lot faster.

A website will be the centre of your internet presence. That way, you can show the world your talent and the hard work you are doing. You can let people see how you do things, how much they cost, how they look, what their quality is like, and all of that without any of the people involved stepping outside their homes. A website is an open door for the entire world to know you, that is why no matter how small your business is, you need to have one.

Here we gathered a few reasons why a website will help your business grow:

Websites help you increase your visibility. Even if some people already know your business, and an online search will help them locate you and see what you do.

You can provide customers with your address or a map to help them find you, that way they won’t have trouble finding your shop or your office.

Websites help you project a more professional appearance. If your website looks well done and shows the quality of your services, people will think your business is bigger and more successful, which will help you a lot in gaining trust.

Websites help you build a reputation, and if you show the works you’ve done and also let your customers share their opinions and reviews, more potential customers will see that you are trustworthy. They will be more likely to invest in your products.

Websites work 24/7, that means your customers will have access to your products, reviews, and even support from you whenever they want.

Now that you see why it is so beneficial to your business to have a website, it’s time to discuss another important topic: website design. Web design refers to the process of planning, conceptualizing and arranging the look and the functionality of a website, thanks to this you can determine the colours, layouts, text style, structure, graphics, images and any other that you can find on a website.

Web design focuses on the appearance, layout, and functionality of a website. Presentation refers to how the thing looks; it relates to colours, images, and fonts. The layout refers to how things are organized, how the information is structured and categorized. The functionality refers to how the page works; if it is easy to use for the average customer. A good web designer must be able to deliver all those three characteristics in a way that matches the business’ aesthetics and corresponds to the target audience.

Okay, we get it, but how can web design help my business? Well, here are some answers:

Good website design helps you satisfy your customers: it will help the visitor to quickly locate what they need, that way they can search for the things they want straightforwardly. Unnecessary design items can make the navigation in your web site a lot less predictable, and that will interfere in the trust-building process.


It will help you attract search engines: a search engine is a software that lets people find things on the internet. For example, if someone is looking for “leather shoes,” the search engine will show a list of results that match best with what the user is trying to find. Well, when someone is looking for the products/services you provide, you want to appear on that list of results, don’t you? Web design will help your page in two ways: it will show up if your page is coded in a way the search engines can read, and two, once people find your page, they will stay in there and watch your products if your page looks appealing to them.


Professional web design will help your page look more professional and attractive. Not only on aesthetics but also in the way it works. If your page has long loading times, broken links, or is too complicated to use, customers will turn away immediately.


Now you might be more interested in learning about website design, aren’t you? And we totally understand if this sounds a bit too complicated, but relax, and we will explain some more things you need to consider on this topic, so you can see how important it is to understand this subject and how you can achieve a web design that will help you grow.

Types of web design:

These refer to the two main ways on how to create a design that works well on different devices.

Adaptative websites: they use two or more versions that are customized to the screen size of the device you are using, so they show up differently on a phone, a computer, or a tablet.

Responsive websites: In responsive web design, the content moves dynamically according to the device you are using, which guarantees a great experience at every screen size, as it makes sure your website works the same way on any device.

Both of these types of web design have pros and cons, the decision on which one to work with will rely on the experience of your web designer and the tools they will use to create it.

Elements of web design:

The elements of web design must be balanced, so the functionality and the look of your page work for you. It also will help maximize the performance of your site.

Visual elements:

Typography: Of course, all your page’s information will be displayed in words, but you should pay attention to the fonts and the colours you are using to guarantee an easy-to-read and balance display of the information. Your choice regarding typography will help you project formality (if needed) or a more artistic vibe. Also, the combination of two or three fonts will help you highlight important things or divide the information, so try to choose fonts that go well together. The last thing you must consider is the colours and the size of the letters, select colours that are contrasting for a more facile lecture (ex: a light background and a dark colour font). The size should be big enough to guarantee a comfortable reading.


Colour scheme: The palette you are using on your website is essential, as it can turn your page from being very appealing to being extremely disrupting. The best way to choose the colour scheme you are going to use is to think about your audience and the market you want to approach, as specific colours project formality and others project more creativity. The colours you will end up using will affect your costumer’s view and experience on your web page, so try to choose wisely. Nowadays, most web pages stick to neutral colours with just a few accents; that way, they project a modern and sophisticated look.


Layout: On your website, you can display all the necessary information you want, but how you display it is also crucial to make an appealing website. How you decide to arrange the content will dramatically affect the way your customers see and interact with your page. There are many principles regarding web design (and design in general) that are a bit complicated to understand, so you will need some help trying to figure them out. The most important thing you should know about the layout is how to make the most important things to stand out.


White spaces: So you have to display all the vital information and make sure that stands out, but also need to give your audience a bit of space to process that information and to make your page look more balanced. Arranging enormous blocks of text with minimal space between them will have your audience tired of the amount of information (and probably they won’t read it) while adding a lot of pictures one by one will have them missing the written stuff. If you have an overcrowded design, you should consider spacing things out a little bit. Getting some white spaces here and there between pictures, images, text, and other features will make the appearance of your page look more balanced. Also, the tendency on modern web design suggests a lot more of white space than you think, as simplistic aesthetics look more elegant and sophisticated.



Shapes: Combining geometrical shapes with text will help you put emphasis on important things and make the overall look of your page more appealing. Again, the use of graphic images and elements combined is another tendency on modern website design that should consider.


Images and icons: Sometimes, a picture speaks louder than words, right? And we are not only talking about photographs, but pictures and icons in overall help pages communicate and make navigation a lot easier. There are plenty of sites on the internet that offer high-quality icons that can match your page’s aesthetics and complement the information.


Videos: Most people are visual learners so that visual stimulation will catch their attention quicker. A well-produced video can do wonder for your webpage, as it can show a lot more things than words and will not end up being too disruptive. Just be careful regarding the quality, colours, and sounds of the video, so it matches cohesively with the overall aesthetic.


Functional elements:

Navigation: navigation determines what your audience can do and find on your website, so you need to make sure that your page is easy to go through and things are properly identified, so your customers will not lose time trying to find what they need.


Speed: this refers to the time your website takes to load fully. No one likes slow pages, as they are harder to navigate, so you need to make sure your page loads entirely in a decent time.


Animations: When they are well balanced and helpful for your customers, animations can help you drag attention towards the essential things on your website.


User interaction: People love to feel they are in control of any situation, so you need to avoid disruptive functions in your page that could cause people to feel like they don’t have control over the site. For example, avoid the use of pop-ups or auto-play audio. If something is important, let the people decide if they want to see it.


Cross-browser & cross-device compatibility: In our modern times, people are always on the move, so they will be entering your page from different devices and different browsers. When designing a website, make sure it is compatible with the highest quantity of devices as possible, so people can access to you from wherever they are.


Okay, we know, this is a lot of information to process. At first, website design can look like something too complicated and too scary, but we want to highlight how useful it is to make a small business grow and compete with bigger ones. Even though it looks like an impossible journey, there are hundreds and hundreds of options and tools you can find to start developing the perfect design for your page without even leaving your home! Isn’t that amazing?


Now, on a more serious note, we can understand that investing in website design can be a bit intimidating, but having a professional team working for and with you will make things a lot easier. It is crucial to understand that websites are powerful tools of marketing, and those kinds of investments are the best to make. A professional team can adapt your business’ needs and budget, so there is nothing to be afraid of. We highly suggest you consider everything we mentioned here and contacting a team that will help you develop a balanced and modern web design that will help your business goals come true.