Graphic Design

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Logo Design

If there is one thing to know about creating a visual identity, it’s this: the logo is the most important aspect of a brand. There are hundreds of tips and tricks (like always add colour) to know about logo design, and our speciailists know them all. If you only want one piece of professional graphic design, have Graphics Clan create your logo.


Increase in Recognition with Coloured Logo

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the time our brain takes to process visual elements

Creative Design

To really stand out amongst the crowd, you need to be unique. Our designers create every visual from scratch, using new techniques and ideas with every company. With Graphics Clan, no two brand look the same, and you’re guaranteed to stand out.

Brand Guidelines

Once you have a logo and a unique visual identity, it is highly important to keep them consistent across all forms of communication. Graphics Clan will put together your guidelines with colours, fonts, positions, sizes, and everything in between so your brand always stays true.


The Twinings Tea logo has remained the same

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